WAN Weiwei

WAN Weiwei



My major interest is smart manufacturing using dual-arm robots: Developing and deploying grasping planning, motion planning, and other low level and high level task planning algorithms for next-generation factories. I am also studying visual perception, force control, and learning approaches to make up the inherent shortages of planning algorithms. Back to my postdoc at Carnegie Mellon University, I was working with Professor Matt Mason and focused on regrasp. During my Ph.D. at the University of Tokyo, I was working with Professor Rui Fukui, Professor Tomomasa Sato, and Professor Yasuo Kuniyoshi and focused on grasping, caging, and the related mechanical design problems. Before my PhD study, I worked on motion planning under the supervision of Professor Hong Liu at Peking University. You may find more information about my research at my YouTube Channel and my Github repositorie:

  • Robot Manipulation
  • Task Planning